Saturday, July 14, 2007

Did you come visit me today?

Because someone did. I was coming back from lunch this afternoon, and one of my managers, an nice guy named Victor, stopped me in my tracks by pointing and saying, barely intelligibly, "You! Your family...five minutes ago!" He explained that either a cousin, or Uncle, or someone had gotten off Safaris minutes before and were asking about me. He said that they had mentioned speaking to my Dad on the phone, but Dad didn't remember any such conversation.

Did you visit me at work, pretending to be (or actually arriving as) a relative?

Be advised, friends and family, that getting in touch with me is extremely easy and I daresay difficult to screw up. For the purposes of future correspondence and visitations (of which I welcome both, wholeheartedly!) I provide this exhaustive list of contact information. Finding me through these will undoubtedly prove easier than speaking with a manager at my work location.

Cellular Telephone (cell, cellphone, phone), usable for phone calls, voice-mails, txt, picture, and video messages: (always with me or close at hand, expect a reply to a voicemail within one day and txt messages within 2 hours) 908.797.6133

Email (I check continually while home, and twice daily when out of the house):

AOL IM: (online most days, always receive messages sent while away) onlyinbars

MSN Messenger: (online most days, always receive messages sent while away)

Google talk: (online most days, always receive messages sent while away) rperrotti

.mac chat: (online most days, always receive messages sent while away)

Xbox Live: Rotzo

Twitter: (I update with it occasionally, but do not know how to communicate with it, per say) bobby_p

Facebook profile (I check daily, and receive txt messages for wall posts, friend adds, and other misc. actions)

The address of this blog

Physical mailing address:
8136 Chatham Manor Blvd
Apt. 24202
Orlando, Florida, 32821

Here are some places I frequent:
Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom
Disney/MGM Studios
Pleasure Island - usually Adventurers' Club, AMC 24
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa - usually on the beach or in the lobby
PJ's Coffee, Celebration FL

If you cannot reach me via any of these methods, I am very likely dead or otherwise in mortal peril. Please contact the appropriate authorities and notify my next of kin.