Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Outflow Orlando: Day Two!

Today's trip around with the Trasaks proved one thing to me, and that is this fact:

Most people experience Disney incorrectly.

I see so many hundreds of guests wandering aimlessly around the parks here that don't know what they're doing, don't understand the Fastpass system, and don't plan their days accordingly, that when I'm in charge and bringing folks around, things appear to go so smoothly that I wonder how anyone could complain. Anyway, that's a post for another week.

I'll recap today briefly, because tomorrow comes soon and I'm actually guiding TWO groups of people around on Thursday. Our morning journey to Animal Kingdom began with It's Tough To Be a Bug, then we rocked out to the tune of Kilimanjaro Safaris (my stomping ground). After that, I had arranged VIP seating for The Festival of the Lion King, which was a big hit with the little princess in our group, Angela (plus, it always makes ME yeah. Good show). The boys and I hit up DINOSAUR after Lion King, and after lunch at the Flame Tree Barbecue, the family headed back to their resort for swimming and a much deserved nap.

The night's entertainment was over at Magic Kingdom, where we had just enough time to catch a Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor performance before Wishes! the fireworks spectacular that lights up the sky with over a thousand rockets each night. That brought our day to a close today, but I got loads of video and some awesome pictures.

Though we had a blast all day, I think we all were most excited when Angela (4 1/2 years old and every bit as cute as she should be at that age) finally got to meet Tigger after Wishes. He was palling around the Crystal Palace buffet and without reservations, we normally wouldn't be able to get in to eat there – let alone after the park had 'closed' for the night. A Cast Member in training (Jenna from Metropolitan Community College, if you're a CP) pulled just the right strings and made some magic happen and we got in for Angela to meet Tigger. She was SO excited and gave him some of the biggest hugs I've ever seen. Pictures to follow later this week, I hope!

Tomorrow we're going to do Magic Kingdom properly – a full day, complete with full optimization of Fastpasses and planning around parades, meals, and naps. Good times!

God loves you, and so do I.
I remain yours,
~Bobby P.

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