Saturday, September 8, 2007

Time Magazine gets it wrong

From "The Waiting Game," Time Magazine's last page in the September 10th issue.
"At amusement parks, too, you can now buy your way out of line. This summer I helplessly watched kids use a $52 Gold Flash Pass to jump the lines at Six Flags New England, and similar systems are in use in most major American theme parks, from Universal Orlando to Wald Disney world, where the haves get to watch the have-mores breeze past on their way to their seats, as if Space Mountain were Spago."

Even TIME MAGAZINE has the idea of Fastpass wrong, and I took the liberty of sending them this email:
In your September 10th article titled "The Waiting Game," you incorrectly likened the premium services at Six Flags and Universal Studios with Disney's Fastpass system. Unlike those services, which require an additional fee, the Disney Fastpass is available to every guest, with their regular admission to the park. We are continually explaining this to guests, who incorrectly believe just what you suggested. With proper planning and Fastpass management (what we Cast Members call it), no guest would have to wait more than ten minutes for an attraction.

~Bobby Perrotti
Safari Driver, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Seriously, TIME, get your act together and visit a Disney park.