Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Journey south, continued!

9:00 PM, location: southeast of Raleigh, NC

The train has been going for five hours now, and I’ve been able to write a little, listen to several podcasts (Slate & Mr. Manners), and plow through three worlds in New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. At 7:30, I went to the dining car for dinner and sat with three other twentysomethings (those nearest to my age by about 50 years). One of them was a fellow CP! We ate a decent dinner and there were wine refills aplenty (the only free drinks on the train, as a glass of wine or bottle of beer at the bar is a five-spot).

Turns out there are power outlets on the train, but not too many, so I’m swapping in and out with others that have laptops. The internet is free during my night minutes via Verizon, so I’m able to surf with impunity while my train coasts along at a smooth 65mph.

All told, it looks like there are three Disney CPs on the train, the rest of which is filled with quite its share of octogenarians (look it up.)

Possibly more later, otherwise, I’ll talk to you soon!