Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now the adventure really begins - at ANIMAL KINGDOM!

Hey all!

I'm so excited that future CPs are enjoying reading about my experiences so far. I've only been here a day and we've done so much checking in that I wonder if I'll ever get to work. Speaking of which....

I'm proud to report that I've received my role in the show down here, and that for the next seven months, I will be a tour guide for Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney's Animal Kingdom! That means I'll be driving the bus and guiding the tours through Disney's fabulous re-creation of an actual African safari. Here is an overview of the ride itself.

Until I know more about the ride, I can't share any more specifics, but I do know that it will involve some lengthy narration, pretty extensive knowledge of the plant and animal wildlife, and just a little bit of theatricality to add that awesome Disney magic.

Tonight, there is a "Villians & Princess" pool party (spelling error the flyer's, not mine). I hope that doesn't mean that there will be many villains and one princess (she totally wouldn't stand a chance, even if she was one of those 90s girl-power princesses like Mulan) – probably more likely that I'm just anal about grammar.

Thanks for reading, and I'll check in again soon! My next post will likely be a summary of the week's events, since I owe one of those to my friends and family that requested a monthly update.

Magically yours,
~Bobby P.