Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Several hours later, I'm broke!

Hey there!

It's been just about 12 hours since I arrived at the Walt Disney World College Program Vista Way Apartments for Check-In (sorry, all those capitalizations make me either want to tear my eyes out or kiss my screen in self-aggrandizing adoration of my punctuation skills. Anyway.) and BOY has Bobby P had one long day.

After debarking from the Auto-Train (can you tell how well I slept? NOT) and bidding a not-so-fond farewell to its cramped innards, I made the short drive from Sanford to Orlando for a roundabout of check-in procedures at Vista way that took just a couple of hours. Most of that time was spent either 1.) Following a dotted blue line on the pavement from location to location, collecting stamps indicating completion of a step in the process, or 2.) Standing in line for fingerprints.

I met some nice people during the day (some of you might be reading? say hi!) and even got a chance to talk with Cisco for a bit. We were going to be roommates, but then I decided to go with a smaller place. It's cool: we are still friends!

As new CPs, we were given a Chik Fil-E (spelling?) coupon that I took advantage of straight away, yearning for non-train food. Turns out this place makes some pretty good chicken sandwiches! I then headed over to Chatham Square where my new apartment was waiting. It's spacious, clean and very, very sterile-looking. I'll have to throw up some flags and posters soon. Once I was all nourished and moved in, I went out to Target with one of the people I had traversed check-in with, Nelie (pronounced Nee-lee). I bought many, many things! It's hard to not have ANY food when moving to a new place.

I cooked dinner for Nelie, myself and Hendrick, my awesome roommate from INDONESIA. I'm glad that I finally have a kitchen, because in just under a half hour I made lemon pepper beer simmered chicken, rice, and peppers&onions. There was salad and bread as well, so it had all the trimmings of any other Perrotti meal, but I was delighted to share.

Tomorrow is Orientation, which I am assured is a pretty hugely boring couple hours. The good news is that shortly after, I'll find out what my actual, SPECIFIC role is! Alright!

Anyway. It's midnight, I'm running on fumes, and it's time to hit the sheets. Stay tuned, I'll be back soon!

Yours in Disney,
~Bobby P