Monday, May 21, 2007

On the Road to the Happiest Place on Earth - part I

Hello, family and friends!

I hope the warm weather is moving its way in to your neck of the woods – I myself got tired of waiting for it to blow into New Jersey, so I’ve shipped off to warmer climates!

I’ve really been busy since we last talked. After graduation on Friday, I spent most of the weekend packing up everything I couldn’t live without and spending time with the people closest to me. On Monday, I said a tearful goodbye to my niece, Veronica, Flemington, and Liquid (my church in Morristown), and started driving. Heading south on 95, I passed some familiar places – “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!” for all the Philly fans out there!

The trip was non-stop through Deleware, Maryland, and D.C., though I did consider trying to visit a landmark or two. The picture you see is the closest I got to a monument. Have you ever parked in the Capital? Forget that.

I stopped for the night in Alexandria, Virginia, to stay with Lara & Brad, two most excellent people. They were lovely hosts and between dinner and the Heroes season finalé, we visited The Dairy Godmother for ice cream and sorbet. Incidentally, if you are ever in Alexandria, be sure check that place out for some of the best dessert you’ll ever taste. It’s run by a Culinary Institute of America-trained woman from Wisconsin: she knows something about dairy and dessert.

I’m writing this both a Starbucks and a Panera near the Auto Train in Lorton, because Starbucks’ coffee is better and Panera has free wi-fi. Pictures of the journey so far have been posted to my picasaweb album, and later tonight I’ll upload an entry from (and all about) the Auto Train! So far, my trip has been solitary (not a lot of company on the road), confusing (thanks, D.C. road system), uncertain (after all, I won’t know anyone in Orlando), and exciting: after all, I’m going to DISNEY WORLD! I’m excited to keep travelling, and I’ll keep you posted as I go!

Magically yours,

P.S. - here is the photo album for my trip down to WDW.